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Ontario Updates Used Vehicle Safety Inspection for the First Time in 42 Years

It’s been 42 years since Ontario created the certification for used vehicles. A lot has changed in 42 years and as of July 1st so has the certification process for used vehicles sold in Ontario. As of Canada Day, vehicles registered in Ontario will be required to adhere to a new standard.

This is great news for car shoppers in Brighton. The new inspection’s goal is to give car shoppers more insight into their car’s mechanical and safety condition. Everyone’s goal is to purchase a nice and reliable vehicle, this new inspection can really help in achieving this.

The Government of Ontario did their homework when creating the new vehicle inspections. They consulted with 33,000 technicians at over 15,000 inspections over the last four years. Rates do vary from shop to shop. If a vehicle fails an inspection, the owner will get an additional inspection for free if they made any relevant repairs with four days.

Every vehicle being sold must pass Ontario’s new safety inspection rules. If a vehicle is being sold to someone who is not the seller’s spouse will need to undergo the new inspection. Also, any vehicle being rebuilt will need the inspection completed.

At the surface, it may appear that the inspection isn’t really that different. If you look a little deeper you’ll find that there are a lot more details outlined in the 2016 version of the inspection. There’s also a much stronger emphasis on a vehicle’s safety.  The new vehicle inspection requires the technician to provide exact measurements for things such as brake part thickness, tire pressure and tread depth. Wheel spacers are no longer allowed and the requirements for passing tires has increased greatly.

The old reports were oftentimes vague on things such as brake and tire wear. One Brighton automotive repair shop may pass a vehicle, while another may fail it. The new system does not leave room for such interpretations. People will have an exact gauge of wear before the sale is complete. A vehicle leaking significant amounts of oil from turbochargers and power steering systems will result in an automatic fail.

A road test is now required as part of the updated inspection. This allows the technician the ability to really experience the performance of a vehicle and monitor how the odometer is functioning.

Additionally, the new inspection requires that all warning lights, airbags, speedometer, and odometer are in working condition. There are even ways to report damage to windshields.

Every province has their own vehicle safety certification checklist. Like Ontario, Manitoba and Newfoundland require a safety inspection on all vehicles changing. British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Quebec require inspection on vehicles purchased outside the province. Meanwhile, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick require inspections on any vehicle sold. Nova Scotia requires a vehicle to be check every two years (three years for a new car).

Any major change to something as common as a vehicle inspection will cause some initial confusion. Once consumers and technicians adjust we think that we’ll see a safety inspection that provides more information and clarity.  There are far fewer grey areas with the new inspection, there are clearer lines between a pass and fail. The updated inspection fixes a lot of incomplete wording.

Want to learn more about Ontario’s updated vehicle inspection? Contact us at 905.429.8661 or schedule an appointment online. We take a lot of pride in providing Brighton drivers with the information they need to know about their vehicle in simple and easy to understand language.


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