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Oil Spraying

Oil Spraying Can Keep Your Car Rust Proofed

What exactly does oil spraying involve and is it worthwhile for your car?

Oil spraying involves covering the complete underside of your car with a light coating of oil, which acts as a means of rust protection. Many car and truck owners swear by it, crediting the process as having kept their vehicles rust-free for several years, if not decades.

The experts at JKL Vehicle Repair in Brighton, Ontario recommend drivers have this special coating applied once a year, ideally in the Fall. The process, they say, is not an invasive one; it does not involve drilling any holes in your car or altering it permanently in any way.

How does rust form in the first place? When iron or steel oxidizes, a coating of iron oxide forms. We all recognize the look – usually patches of reddish brown flakes, often accompanied by peeling or bubbling paint. Small patches can grow surprisingly quickly and cause serious damage before you know it, so protection is recommended to ensure your vehicle’s longevity.

Unfortunately it doesn’t take much for rust to take hold in the first place: water, salt and humidity are the major culprits. Between the rain, humidity, snow and large amounts of salt on Ontario’s wintry roads, our vehicles can use all the help they can get.

A big benefit of oil spraying is that it’s less expensive than traditional rust proofing and yet is still an effective way to slow down its formation. It can help extend the life of your vehicle. If performed in the Fall recommended, you can start each winter season with peace of mind, knowing your car is better equipped to withstand our typically unpredictable Canadian weather and messy road conditions.

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