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The Importance of Installing Winter Tires in Brighton

An important component of safe winter driving is the purchase and installation of good quality seasonal tires. This is especially important in countries such as Canada, with our quick shifts in temperature and extreme weather patterns which can make Brighton roads and highways treacherous. Cars and trucks equipped with winter tires handle much better, avoiding slipping, sliding and fishtailing on slippery roads.

For many parts of Canada, all-season tires just won’t cut it in the winter months when snow, ice and sleet cover the roadways. When we choose to invest in winter tires not only are we increasing our own safety but also the safety of our loved ones in our vehicles as well as those around us.

As of January 1st, 2016, all Ontario private insurance companies must offer discounts to drivers who buy and install winter tires. The tires must be installed on all four wheels for the discount to be awarded.
The improved handling and traction provided by winter tires are far above the protection offered by all-season tires. The automotive insurance discount is a great incentive, but you are really investing in safety and less stressful winter drives.
If you are looking for winter tires in Brighton you have come to the right place at JKL Vehicle Repair and we are happy to help you make a choice that best suits your vehicle’s tire needs. We sell a lot of winter tires in Brighton and our tire experts are here to help. Everyone is different and we’ll work with you to find the right tire for your driving habits. We take into account the types of roads you drive on, average distance, cargo weight, fuel mileage and various other factors to find the perfect set of winter tires for the best for your winter.

Winter tires are best suited for soft to hard packed snow, ice and temperatures below 7 C. These tires are ideal in Ontario winter conditions and are made of a material which stays softer in cold temperatures. The treads on these tires are deep and aggressive which makes them ideal for traction control and maneuvering slippery corners.
Keep your tires properly inflated at all times, but especially during the winter months. Drastic cold snaps can make you tire pressure lower quickly. Check your owner’s manual to find your correct tire pressure.

There’s actually some really exciting innovations happening with tires. Engineers are constantly trying out new materials and designs to increase safety and fuel efficiency. A great example of today’s advances in tire design can be found in ‘run flat’ tires. These tires are designed to operate with little or no air. Each tire contains a hard plastic ring or thick tire walls which able to support a vehicle’s entire weight.

All weather tires are suitable for milder winter conditions such as fast-melting snow as well as rain and temperatures which are above 7 C. Typically, all-weather tires are not as effective as true winter tires as they are not as soft and the tread is not nearly as deep.

All-season tires are used for driving in mild conditions and during rainfall . These tires are a step up from summer tires and even though they will not perform as well as a softer tire with a deeper tread they will do better in winter conditions than summer tires. The material of all-season tires is harder than their winter counterparts and will not offer to same traction and control. All-seasons may do the job if you are driving in places with a more temperate climate, however, it is advised that in temperatures below 7 C with snow and ice that winter tires bearing the snowflake or mountain emblem are used.

Here at JKL Vehicle Repair we are happy to talk with you about the best choice you can make for winter tires in Brighton. We care about the safety of our community and believe that with knowledge about winter tires you can make the best choice for you and your vehicle.

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