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Spring Car Maintenance Guide: Tips and Advice to Prep Your Vehicle After an Brighton Winter

It’s been officially spring for a few weeks now and warmer weather is beginning to appear in Brighton. The winter season can take a toll on your vehicle in terms of both physical appearance and mechanical maintenance.

Spring cleaning is a ritual in many Brighton homes this time of year, automotive experts suggest that this time of year is a perfect time to do a full clean of your vehicle’s interior and exterior and also book a routine maintenance appointment.

Making a trip to the local car wash is the first step in your vehicle’s spring clean-up. Driving in an Brighton winter means your vehicle has lots of salt and dirt encrusted on its exterior. Visiting a car wash is the best way to solve this problem. Also, cleaning your vehicle regularly is a great way to prevent rust from forming on the body of your car and on an important component such as brake lines, exhaust systems, fuel tanks and other areas. Rock salt and other chemicals used to keep roads snow and ice free will take their toll on a vehicle and can cause expensive repair bills down the road.

A good vacuuming of your vehicle’s carpets, mats and seats will keep your interior looking fresh and clean for the upcoming spring road trip.

When washing your vehicle be sure to pay special attention to your car or truck’s undercarriage. This is the part of your vehicle that has the most exposure to salt during the winter and it also houses some really important parts of your vehicle.

Spring is a great time to touch up paint scratches and chips. Having bare metal exposed is a quick way to have unsightly and damaging rust appear. Simple repairs such as replacing windshield wiper blades is a common thing to do once spring arrives. It’s also a good idea to check your spare tire and your roadside emergency kit.

Now it’s time to think about the mechanics of your vehicle. We find that spring is a great time to have your some important components of your vehicle checked out such as your radiator coolant. Most manufacturers recommend that you have your coolant drained, flushed and replenished with fresh antifreeze every one-to-three years (depending on your driving habits). A fairly simple and affordable thing to have done that can help keep your vehicle running smooth for years to come.

It’s also a good idea to have your vehicle’s air conditioning system checked by a mechanic. It’s better to take care of any issues before the summer heat arrives. Most air conditioning-related issues are caused by leaks or low levels of refrigerant in the system, we highly recommend you seek the help of a professional technician when working with your air conditioner.

With spring comes potholes. Driving over potholes can cause some serious damage to your vehicle’s alignment and suspension. You might notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side or another, sometimes the steering wheel will vibrate when your drive; both of these symptoms points towards an alignment issue. Getting your alignment checked a relatively quick job at most Brighton service jobs and won’t cost a lot of money. Having proper alignment will not only give you a safer ride, but it will help your tires from wearing unevenly and will save you some money at the pump.

Have someone pop open the hood and make sure that everything’s operating as it should. Specifically, you will want to check your belts and hoses. Cold weather and rubber are not friends and a cracked or damaged belt, hose or seal can cause some major problems if not repaired right away.

After a harsh Brighton winter, it’s a good idea to have your vehicle’s battery checked to ensure it’s dependable and running properly. Car batteries can go through a lot during a long winter, especially if your battery is more than four years old. A car battery test is a really simple thing to have done at your next service appointment and it can save you a headache down the road.

Your tires are another part of your vehicle you will want to check are your tires. Many people swap their winter tires for all-season tires in the spring. If your tires are worn your vehicle may not handle well in rain or handling corners. In addition to being extremely dangerous, driving with bald tires can cause other damages to your vehicle and will use more fuel. We recommend investing in an extra set of steel rims for your winter tires. This will save you money every year when it’s time to swap tires.

At JKL Vehicle Repair, we’ve been helping Brighton and Northumberland region drivers keep their rides running smooth since we opened our doors back in 2005. As a family run business, we know how important it is to provide high-quality automotive repair and service for an affordable price. Let us make sure your vehicle is running in tip-top shape with a springtime inspection. Call us at 905-723-7227 or stop by automotive repair shop at 1188 Simcoe St S




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